After the match meal

Manchester City has spend a small countrys domestic product on players, but the question is if they have bought bigger names than players. Blackburn has dealt with bigger clubs than Manchester City in the past so it is all set for an exciting game. I spoke to Morten a few hours ago and it’s an excited group of Blackburn players who is ready for the challenge of playing some of the biggest names in international football. Morten him self looks forward to the game and is in good shape, and says that if they can keep a clean sheet they are good enough to score, and they might get a good result.

After the first half Blackburn is one up after a BIG misunderstanding between Joe Hart and Kolo Toure for Nico Kalinic to take advantage and fire home a 1-0 lead. Morten cleard the ball that led to Kalinic goal and got his assist. Luckily for him because his involvment so far has been at best questionable.

After 55 minutes Patric Vieira drove home the equaliser to make it 1-1. A strong result for Blackburn
Stig: Congratulation with a point at City of Manchester Stadium. Not many teams will come here and steal a point, how was it?
Morten: It was great. Hard work to do it, but we are very happy about it. Strong result for us
Stig: How about your own effort?
Morten: Not happy about the first half. Missed simple passes, and it pisses me of. Before the game I felt strong, but soon in the first half I could feel the national team games was still in my feet. But I desided to play simple in the second half, and focus on not doing any mistakes, and help the team as best i could.
Stig: What was the game plan today?
Morten: Well, we lost points in the last two games because we wasn’t cynical enough. Today we didn’t want to entertain, we wanted points. And Man.City gave us a chance to score and we did.
Stig: Congratulation and thank you
Morten: Thanks :)