The day befor the day it is important to get a good breakfast, and it is important to be whith good company to get the spirit up and be relaxed and in good mood

This is Guttorm Dilling, our fixer in need. He is in charge of preparing everything for the national team. He is a top man who makes sure everything is in order

This is Geir Ellefsen. He is chief of security and master of the universe, and he makes sure the hotell is free of terrorists and that the icelandic volcanos keeps still during our visit.

Per Svendsen, the man whith the equipment.. easy now ladys, its football equipment! He keeps control over all our equipment during our trips.

Thor Einar the doc. One of the best doctors in the game. Here he is controling drugtests. The difference between us and Sweden is that we’re not allowed any drugs and the sweds are not allowed sweets.

Morten Gamst Pedersen