I talked to Morten today and he is really ready to play Arsenal today. The whole team is fired up and ready for battle. Arsenal is a feinsmecker team who like to keep the ball in the team, but Blackburn is a hard working team and going to challenge Arsenal on everything this game. Morten is playing in the middle, with El Hadji Diouf on the left and Mame Diouf on the right.

Half time:
It has been a good first half with two teams really trying to play football. Even though I believe some in the Arsenal camp will claim rugby from Blackburn, but Blackburn is playing good. Arsenal had the first chance after 3 minutes but got saved on the line by Grella, after that Blackburn took over and had some really good chances. But after 19 minutes Arsenal scored. Theo Walcott got through and scored. The next five minutes Arsenal played the ball in their team. But the Dioufs set the record straight after 26 minutes when El Hadji outplayed Arsenals right back and set it up beautiful for Mame to tap in the equaliser. Samba has been outstanding, El Hadji has been good but is playing solo from time to time. Jones, Mame Diouf and Gamst has been really good. Blackburn is agressive and giving Arsenal nothing. They play long balls, on the ground and with set pieces better than Arsenal, and they are stronger in the tackles. But Arsenal is good when they get the opportunity and we are all set for an exciting second half.

Arsenal have come out with a whole different attitude in the second half, they are way more aggressive and have given the Rovers a better fight. Arshavin scored after 51 minutes and took over the play after that. Blackburn is struggling to get back in the game. The last 25 minutes Arsenal stopped attacking except from turnovers and counter attacks. The last 10 minutes blackburn started chasing an equaliser and had some opportunities but couldn’t score. At some set pieces situations the Arsenal players did what Wenger hates, they started holding down Rovers players. At one occation a clear penalty to Chrissy Samba when Chamack climed over him and held him down. Based on the second halv where Arsenal controlled the game it was a deserved win even though heroic effort from Big Sams blue/white army

S: You played well in the first half, and could have been a goal up. But in the second halv Arsenal was way better. Did they deserve the win?
M: I think we deserved better, but we let in those easy goals.. we fail in marking espesially the second goal.. Arsenal was good in the second half though
S: I thought Wenger didn’t like rugby and wanted better protection from the ref. but in the second half they was all over Chrissy Samba. Was it a penalty?
M: Clear penalty.. I hate those London rugby players.. This is FOOTBALL, start playing it! No I’m joking, this is Premier League, if you can’t handle it go to France and play there. It was a clear penalty but it is the refs desicion.. we don’t complain
S: I’m so dissapointed right now, bet you are the same. Let’s quit this Q&A today
M: I totally agree, shiit!
M: Was Marin far away from my cross in the end by the way?
S: Noo, just missed his head.. but the cross after, nobody in the box??
M: Hrmphh….