Blackburn got a penalty, and Morten missed it!!! But he got an assist on a corner wich Nzonzi scored on. They lost 2-1 after some horrible defending on two occationes to let Gardner be a two goal man.

S: Morten, what the hell happened?
M: This was a crap result for us. I thought we were the best team, espesially in the first half. In the second halv we even scored first, and it was just for us to be consentrated and win it. But we didn’t and we let inn two easy goals
S: The penalty, as your friend and you know I love you, why..why Morten why?? What were you doing?
M: Well, I tried to shoot it up in the corner but Foster had an fantastic save. Obviously I should have done better, and now I have joined a new club that I dont’ wanna be in, the Premier League penalty missers club.. shit.. I don’t think it was that bad penalty. But it didn’t go in and I apologise to my team mates, to the supporters and to you, because I am dissapointed and I know you are as well.
S: You didn’t do it on purpose and I foregive you my friend! And I’ll bet you will hit the next one. How did Big Sam take this defeat?
M: He didn’t, he gave us a hell of a chewing of and we completly deserved it!!
S: Thank you Morten. You just have to shake this off, learn from it and forget this result.
M: Thanks Stig, we will, and have a nice trip home.