Now I’m in London having a photo shoot for Renati hairproducts. It’s good fun and we’re having a good time here. Now we’re in the studio doing pictures with different clothes, but soon we’re going to the Park and to a café to do some “in action” pictures.

We just went past Warr’s in Fulham just up Chelsea harbour which is the the oldest Harley Davidson shop in the UK, we went in and asked if we could take some pictures. The manager John Warr was more than happy to help us, and we got some great pictures.

Now we’re at Ventuno Caffe in Fulham, a nicmMe little Italian cafe wich makes home made ice cream and its really good. I highly recomend to go and have a cup of coffe an test the ice cream. It’s next to Eel brook common park

Now I and my friends are on our way back to Manchester. We are taking Virgin trains, wich I have to say is at best… No actually there is no room for the words “good” or “best” on this Virgin train experience!! First of all when I bought the tickets yesterday I spesificaly ordered first class return tickets because we had no time to eat before we left. Both from Manchester and London. So we needed food on the train. The lady in the ticket office gave us some tickets and said that it was just to upgrade it on the train to sit and eat on first class for the extra cost of 15 pounds. Great! I thought it was pretty cheap and asked her if the price was right on both ways. Yes indeed said the lady. Great again! But of course it was cheap when we came on the train and upgraded the tickets just to find out later that there was no food service on the weekends. Now I was not just hungry but a bit dissapointed as well. But a smiley train guy served us some biscuits and chips so we where alright, and some good service from him helped on the mood. But on the way back I found out why the tickets where so cheap (just 200£ for all three with return). It was because they where useless!! We had to buy new tickets at the price of 200£ pr person. But we where really hungry so we asked the ticket guy on the train if they served food. Of course he said, so we bought the tickets. But the food they served.. Or the thing they called food. Because whatever it was it is no way in h*ll that is supposed to be eaten by humans, maybe not evening dogs. It was actually so ridiculas that we didn’t even got angry or dissapointed. We just started laughing and joking about it, so in fact we have had a fun trip from London. We’re still hungry but what is that compared to a good laugh with good company? So even the train costed 600£ more and we’re still hungry as…a Virgin train customer… we’re still happy and smiling

This is supposed to be some pasta dish, but it tastes something in between nothing and bad

Morten Gamst Pedersen