Today I felt we deserved the win, we where the best team by far i the first half. We got a lucky goal from Nico in the first half when Howard was a little bit unlucky, and it was important that Nico did what good strikers do, and thats to be on the right place at the right time and he reacted quicly and scored us a winner. Everton has a good team and its normal that they would push us back when they started to chase an equliser at the end of the second half. But we worked hard to keep them off and in the end we did and got us a deserved victory. For us it is important to get a good start and today we did. The whole team worked really hard and I’m proud of the effort we put in today.

Personally I felt strong and tried to be consentrated throughout the whole match and I felt that it worked perfectly. Whit a little bit of luck I could have got an assist from the good runs from Martin and Mame and I’m sure that I will get several of them this season. It was warm today and I got tired at the end but I have trained really well this summer both on my own and with the team during pre season so I managed alright.

Morten Gamst Pedersen