Before the World Cup I put Spain and Brazil as the strongest teams, but where Brazil disappointed Spain showed themselves as true champions. Netherlands surprised big time to go all the way to the final, I had thought that they would go out in the last 16. The final was perhaps not the most well played, but it was very exciting and it had a nerve throughout the match. Van Bommel and De Jong were lucky to finish the match as they both could have been sent in the locker room for tackles that should only be performed on Playstation. De Jong was perhaps unlucky with his tackle because he did not see Alonso, but Van Bommel was simply dirty. But Spain totally deserved to win and congratulations to the campeone del Mundo.

The World Cup is over and Maradona has given hugs to everyone he knows, which undoubtedly is very nice. And to celebrate this non-traditional way to be manager I have had a contest where I give away two signed Blackburn Rovers shirts. It came in a lot of high quality answers and the winners are selected by a jury consisting of me and Stig. The winner of the first Blackburn Rovers shirt is Gianluca Marelli from Amersham, England. He won because the jury agreed on his statement that the shower is “‘off-limit hugging zone’…”“:
This is his answer: “Maradona hugs each player in the starting XI before the match, at half time and at full time. Argentina have played 5 games. So that’s 165 hugs. Every time a substitution is made, he hugs the player coming off and the player coming on. In the 5 games played, Argentina have made 14 substitutions so that adds a further 28 hugs, bringing the current total to 193. Maradona then hugs his assistant after every goal scored. Argentina have scored ten goals in the competition so in total Maradona has given away 203 hugs!

So, basically, this is the formula:   hugs = (games played x 33) + (substitutions made x 2) + goals scored

Regarding what happens in the changing rooms, I’m afraid I’m not in a position to make a judgement! Although I’d hope the showers are an ‘off-limit hugging zone’…”

The winner of the other Blackburn Rovers shirt is Johnathan Pilkington from Preston in England, he won because he had a good theory about why Maradonna give as many hugs.

This is his answer: “I think Maradona hugs so many people because he is fed up of being dubbed “the hand of god” and he wants to be known as “the hug of god”

Morten Gamst Pedersen