In the last blog post I have a competition where you can win a signed Blackburn Rovers jersey. There have unfortunately been a problem with the voting system, therefore I have changed the voting system. I am sorry about the problem that this may have affected you, please send your answer one more time.  This is the competition from tha last blog post: Follow the directions and send your answer:

“But let us not forget Maradonna. I will give away a signed Blackburn Rovers shirt to the one who can tell me how many hugs Maradonna has given away in this world cup, I just need to know how they have arrived at that number. I will also give away a signed Blackburn Rovers shirt to the person who comes with the best answer about why he gives away so many hugs. Voting lasts until the World Cup is over, and that the final is finished. To vote please send an email to and enter your answer. Remember your name, address, email and phone number. The 2 winners will be announced when the world cup is over. And remember: Best answers will win and you can post your answer under this blog post if its funny and you want everybody to see it”