This blog post was supposed to be a tribute to Maradonna, it will still be but I have to bring up my admiration for the Germans in this World Cup. The article I had wrote was about how Maradonna had consolidated his position as the biggest football personality through his unconventional way to lead the team and the success they have had in this World Cup, and how Messi and everyone else had been placed in his shadow. All the other all time stars such as Pele, Zidane, Ronaldinho had been given respect, I had even got some space for Rooney and some of the Spanish stars. But today Maradonna and Argentina was out played by a bunch of Germans. And these Germans are a mixture of young boys and old goal scorers. I noticed one thing in the match between England and Germany. When the Germans lead they increase the pace of their offensive game. One thing that was very well reflected in today’s match. In the 78th minute Germany had the ball far up in the Argentinean half. They led 3-0 and had four! (4) Men inside the Argentina penalty area and one man just outside! Before the World Cup me and a friend was discussing the various teams, the strengths and weaknesses, favorites, and outsiders and who was supposed to disappoint. I said that Germany was a team that could go far, but my friend dismissed them immediately. His words were probably something in this: “Gamst, don’t make a fool of your self! Germany will not go past the last 16, they don’t have the players to do it. ” I won’t mention his name but it is STIG, and I wonder what he thinks of Germany now?

But let us not forget Maradonna. I will give away a signed Blackburn Rovers shirt to the one who can tell me how many hugs Maradonna has given away in this world cup, I just need to know how they have arrived at that number. I will also give away a signed Blackburn Rovers shirt to the person who comes with the best answer about why he gives away so many hugs. Voting lasts until the World Cup is over, and that the final is finished. To vote please send an email to and enter your answer. Remember your name, address, email and phone number. The 2 winners will be announced when the world cup is over. And remember: Best answers will win and you can post your answer under this blog post if its funny and you want everybody to see it

Morten Gamst Pedersen