On our round trip around Northern Norway, there was no doubt that we had to visit the Lofoten Islands, one of Norway’s most beautiful locations. We chose XXLofoten as guides, and they delivered big time. Without doubt a very professional bunch who knows what they are doing. Whatever we wanted to do, short trip or expedition, they had the people who could do this job. It’s hard to find people like Frank Hagen, Bjørn Kirkhaug and Jim Eide in XXLofoten. Some of these guys are former special forces, they are tougher and harder than most and I would strongly recommend these guys if you take the trip to Lofoten. They are professionals to the fingertips. The heart warmth of the people of this region can not be described in words. We had not been more than five minutes in Svolvær before we were invited to the first cup of coffee. My friend Stig had a cousin there so after five minutes in the town we sat with coffee and cakes at Irens house. Thank you Iren.

Bjørn, Frank, Stig and me hiking in Lofoten

 Frank Johansen flew us over to the Lofoten Islands and Svolvær from Bodø. He and Vidar Kristiansen took real good care of us which we really appreciate. They showed us the city and took us out to Henningsvær to Hallvar Hovde who had a hot tub and sauna where we had a really good time.

One day when we were on our way to the fitness center in Svolvær we got a call from one of Frank Hagens children, they invited us to a football game and trampoline jumping. I was a tour leader and ordered the boys to get into training clothes and set for battle. The lads were more than happy to play against them and we went up to and had a fantastic football game. A game we unfortunately lost, but sometimes you just meet a stronger team. The whole neighborhood showed up and we met a very nice bunch.

The people who invited us to a football match

Morten Gamst Pedersen