Today England was simply outplayed! You can blame many things, but for me it’s Fabio Capello who has failed. I don’t mean that he isn’t a very good manager but I mean that he has chosen the wrong team. After the first half it was pretty clear that Upson and Barry did not have their best day to put it mildly, and it was a bad decision to let them play on. Carrick and Gerrard would probably have done a much better job than the Barry managed today. But then Gerrard must be defined in the defensive role. Dawson at Tottenham has had a fantastic season, and I wanted him in the team as soon as King was injured. Upson almost went down with West Ham, while Dawson was very good for Tottenham who won a Champions League spot. James went down with Portsmouth, while Hart was awarded goalkeeper of the year in the Premier League. Why he took Defoe out who was one of England’s top players and put in a player that even I’ve scored more than this season. And I was not exactly delighted with my own goal scoring this season. Capello chose the England team just as bad as Benitez at Liverpool. Wonder if they will share the same fate ..? But on the other hand, Germany was very good, especially Øzil has impressed me.