In early May me, Stig and Marchello went on a tour around northern Norway. Stig is from Finnmark, so he was helping me guide our English friend Marchello. Marchello has been in Bodø once before but he has never seen Finnmark. So I was really looking forward to show him where I come from. We started in Vadsø where I come from. Marchello is half English and half Italian, so he is accustomed to slightly warmer temperatures in early May than Vadsø can offer. But he was undaunted by 5 degrees and a bit rain from the east, so we started with a tour of the capital of Finnmark. Marchello owns several restaurants, including my favorite, the San Carlo in Manchester which is the restaurant that I eat in almost every day, so it was exciting to offer him some of the local delicacies. My cousin Jarno had prepared some seagull eggs, whale meat, reindeer meat, seal meat, king crab and smoked salmon.

The local delicacies

Finnmark is a sauna and hot tub country, and it was no doubt about what we should do in the evening. Kristian Sirka on the Sirka farm has made a great conference senter where there are several different saunas and hot tubs. I and my childhood friends sat there for several hours, talking about the good old days. There is nothing like coming home to sit in a hot tub or a sauna to listen to one good story after another. At night we slept at my grandmothers old attic where we used to sleep when we were children

Marchello, me, Stig and Aslak

The last day of Vadsø we were invited to the Tundra center by the center director Petter Dahl. There we met some wonderful people who had a huge work effort. They have virtually zero sick leaves because employees show up for work even with a fever. It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful people. Therefore I would like to say hello to Gry and all the others who worked there and thank you for a heart warm welcome that we will never forget.

The wonderful crew of the Tundra center

Morten Gamst Pedersen