In world cup one team will surprise everybody. That team has no chance of winning the World Cup, but they play a type of football that charms and impresses everyone. And if they are lucky, they’ll get to the quarter or semi final. This year I hope it is Denmark. If I play a match against Denmark or Sweden, I hope we crush them, and that we crush them so badly that they drop about fifty spots in the fifa rankings. But brotherly rivalries aside, now it’s the world cup, and we are not there, Denmark is and they represent the Nordic countries. I also have Lars Jacobsen on the team; he is a very good friend and a fantastic player who I play with in Blackburn. Denmark has always played good football that is fun to watch, and they have a number of players who can do well in the world cup. Daniel Agger’s a fantastic player and a very likeable guy who has the ability to make that little extra for his team. Simon Kjær and Christian Poulsen are very good players too. Today they play against the Netherlands and it can be a very exiting match.

My good friend that I’ll bet will score in this world cup.. or else he will be sorry when he comes to norther norway on fishing

Morten Gamst Pedersen