On Thursday I started my holliday, this year I’m spending it in Marbella in Spain. Here I’m first and foremost, to relax and train well. Pre-season does not start until July 10, so it is important to train well so I don’t loose my shape. The trip started very well, I even got Nutella of a very nice airhostess named Cathrine Henriksen on board the SAS machine.

Togheter with me I have my training partner Stig and Mark Holmes who is a sports therapist in Blackburn Rovers and my personal trainer. Mark is responsible for the training and he drives us hard. So far we have had 10 training sessions with varied training. We start the day with either a run or bike ride, it lasts about an hour. Then we eat before relaxing in the sun. Next session is circuit training, were we train varied muscle groups, before the last session in the fitness center. Yesterday we had only two sessions, one and a half hour of cycling uphill, and one hour circuit. At one o’clock we were finished and we took the rest of the day at the beach.

(Me and Mark)

It is important to relax between sessions and enjoy ourselves a bit too, so your body can recover . Yesterday, we also had the day when we can eat whatever we want. Stig my good friend who is the chef on the trip was so good that he treated me with an entire chocolate croissant. Something that deserves a warm appenlaus since he is otherwise like a dictator when it comes to food. He is a good cook and makes very good food, but there are not many calories in his food on this trip. The most unhealthy are usually feta cheese in the salad. Now its time for a run

(Stig have made us lunch)

(The chef has barbequed to us)

Morten Gamst Pedersen