After some speculations on who scored the goal against Montenegro it was finally awarded to me. Although Jon Inge Høiland helped a lot on the goal and if he had not it probably would not have been any. And then we had to settle for a tie in the managers one hundred match as a manager for the national team. Congratulations Roger!

(I thought it was Egil Roger that had on the Golden Jubilee suit after the match)

I was actually quite sure it was Jon Inge Høilands goal during the match when we celebrated. But then the speaker suddenly said it was mine. I talked with Jon Inge about the goal after the game, and he was not sure but he thought he might have touched it a bit. But the most important thing was that we won on a day that we didn’t played our best football.

Before the match I sat on the bus, listening to music as usual. I heard on David Guetta and thought of the match. Picturing situations and possible situations that I thought I could happen. It’s a routine I have been using for years. I’ll admit that it was not so much tension in the body as it is under qualification matches. But you have to prepare anyway. I felt very good during warm up. But I did not play my best during the game; I had some really bad touches on the ball and had a real bad cross ball that got intercepted. My set pieces were good though, and we got a goal from it and we won in the end.

(me and an empty staduim)

Today it was just restitution training on SATS before I had a little run behind the castle and down to the hotel. Always nice to be out when the sun shines.

Otherwise, I, Brede Hangeland and John Arne Riise had a walk on the pier in the sun. It’s nice to do something else after many days in the hotel.

Morten Gamst Pedersen