I had a nice work out and a meeting with the press and I just delivered some tickets to the “in-laws” and the “bride”. It’s just a nickname at some acquaintances, so it is no marriage going on. Since I am not going to meet with Roger, or as many call him “Drillo” before kl.16.45. I and the “bride” went to the deli to invest in a little chewing gum. On the way back to the hotel it was all good and the sun was smiling at us. Nothing bad could happen, or could it?? Yes it could, SHIT happened! A damn bird had a shit and it hit me right in the head. Bullseye and good freaking luck. I even think it must have had diarrhea, because it sprayed over my whole t-shirt too. But shit happens and some say that it means good luck, but I’m not sure if I want luck from flying shit ..:) Anyway, now I have to run to my meeting with Roger!

Have a shit free and a nice day

Morten Gamst Pedersen