Finally we got together with the national team again. The first message was that we were supposed to start on Tuesday but on Monday we were told we started on Wednesday. NOW it’s finally Wednesday and we are all together again.

(Drillo is always a popular man)

As usual it is always nice to meet the whole team again. We have a great bunch and that helps when we’re gathered over a period of time. It was not exactly breaking news when the “oldies” (we’re not that old) won the first tournament against the young lads. There were four matches’ times 5 minutes, and it was 1-1 after 3 minutes. Then the “oldies but goodies” knocked in three goals. I have to mention the last goal, which was knocked in by Kjetil Whæler. It was UNBELIEVEBLE! He hammered it in the opposite top corner. I don’t think Zlatan could have done it better, even with an orange. Maybe even Balotelli had put his hands together for that one.

(Hangeland respond eagerly to the press as usual, NOT)

Well, enough about that. We have just met the press down on the hotel Bristol where we live. Not as much pressure as it is when we play qualification games. We were also given our new suits for the year. Always amusing to see if everything fits, and whether they remembered all the players. It looked good though. And it got even better when Erling “fashion” Engebråten handed out smoothie from BAMA while we tried out our suits. But Erling is “TOP MAN”, he fixes everything. For my part, it felt quite natural to walk around in boxers and the blue shirt to look at the suits (See photo). It’s important to feel comfortable.

(Me and Press Manager Jon Mørland, must congratulate him as a father again!)

Now it’s a cup of cocoa with Captain Hangeland and Carew

Have a niiice Friday evening

Morten Gamst Pedersen