I had a fantastic start to the day. After I got out of bed and had a good breakfast, “Little Lars” (Lars Iver Strand) picked me and Steffen Nystrøm up to go to Østmark for a run. What a ride it was too, think it’s a tiny bug in switching speakers to “Little Lars” car. Because it shifted from mono to stereo and to surround system for each wheel length we got closer to our destination.

When we arrived we got some speed on our running shoes around Nøkklevannet. What beautiful and hilly terrain to run in. I’ve never been there before, so had a good experience and not least a great workout. As usual we always like it to just be a quiet run, but when the blood has circulated 3-4 times from head to toe the instincts starts to emerge. Everyone wants to be first and the pace increased slowly. I’ll easily admit that I do not like to be behind, but have a mate called “Ante” whose main expertise is in laying the famous half meter in front all the time. Think “Little Lars” know all about it!

But enough about that, the trip was successful and the start of the week could not have been better. Tomorrow I meet up with the national team and look forward to some football and meeting up with the lads. Now it’s a shower before a good lunch with “Little Lars” and Steffen.

Have a nice day

Morten Gamst Pedersen