Stig: How’s the form Mr. gamstinho?
Morten: He he, I can feel the game coming up if thats what you mean. It’s a special feeling when the big teams visit us
Stig: Portugal is number eight on the Fifa ranking list!
Morten: Ehh, so?
Stig: Be honest, du you really stand a chance?
Morten: You nitwit. Of course we do, we’re actually strong at home
Stig: Even without John Arne Riise?
Morten: Stop nagging about Riise! We have to focus on what we can do something about, not what we can do nothing with. Riise don’t want our focus to be on him, he wants our focus to be on the game.
Stig: Sorry, are you angry with me?
Morten: He he, no
Stig: Are you sure?
Morten: Yes I’m sure, I promise
Stig: Portugal was number three on the Fifa ranking list in may, now they are number eight. They are obviousley in complete free fall. How much do we win? 1-0? 3-0? 6-0??
Morten: Portugal can beat any team in the world, including us
Stig: Do you promise to score today?
Morten: I’ll try
Stig: Your best?
Morten: He he, yes I’ll try my best
Stig: You’re such a sweetie pie, do you know that?
Morten: …?
Stig: Let’s have an analysis of Portugal, plus, minus and general. Lets be serious on this one.
Plus for us:
Ronaldo doesn’t play. It’s never good when the manager is suspended, advantage us. Drillos statistic at our home field speaks for it self, we’re good at home. Most chances created on turnovers and counter attac, same as Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. We’re strong on set pieces. John Carew, Brede Hangeland, home crowd.

Minus for us:
It’s a paradox, but it can actually be a set back for us that Ronaldo doesn’t play. He doesn’t alway perform on the national team. His free kicks is world class and always a threat, but when he doesn’t perform he is a liability to the team, every ball goes through him and he squander it away. His replacer got something to prove, and those portugese have a tendecy to be good. The Riise blow, would want him on the team.

If we can stop portugal to play their game and get it in our terms, we will win. We can’t let in easy goals, and have to score on our chances

Stig: What are you gonna do now?
Morten: Relax. Take a walk. Sleep. Eat and KICK OFF

This is my conversation whith Morten earlier today, it was nice until he kicked me out. Said he needs to focus on the game. Fair enough, but he can forget a better treatment when I play fifth division. He he, I’m joking. Morten looked really fresh and in good mood. He’ll score today I think

Best regards
Stig :)